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Borrowed my uncle’s car and loaded it up with dog food, training pads, and poop bags on a beautiful 30-degree Sunday. The weather couldn’t have been better after nearly two months of rain in Shenzhen. We set off at 9:30, picking up Tammy, who is in charge of our customer service . Tammy and I

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dog waste issue

Who Needs a Pet Waste Station?

At I’m Done With This Poop, our dog waste station are the perfect solution for any property type or size. It is a comprehensive package designed to tackle pet waste challenges head-on. It includes a durable waste bag dispenser, a spacious waste bin, and clear instructional signage for user-friendly guidance. Sturdy and Weather-Resistant: Built to

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pick after your dog

What does it mean to pick up after your dog?

The topic of dog owners not picking up after their pets stirs up some strong opinions and interesting stories. Here’s a glimpse into a lively debate from Quora that captures different perspectives: I had this problem I put a sign in my yard please pick up after your pet..freindly reminder I watched as this person

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Learn more about what bioplastics are, and see how these durable, sustainable materials are making a positive impact in many aspects of our daily lives.

To some, the name “bioplastics” may sound futuristic or like something out of science fiction—but that’s not the case. The first man-made plastic, introduced in 1862, was a bioplastic, meaning it was made from a renewable resource. There’s no need to worry about a bioplastic container breaking down on the shelf. The way they biodegrade

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The Alarming Microplastics Issue

Microplastics have garnered significant attention in environmental circles over the past decade. They are microscopic, pervasive, and pose severe environmental issues. Let’s dive deeper into what they are and why their presence is alarming to both ecologists and the public. Microplastics Explained According to a global assessment by GESAMP (2015), microplastics are small plastic particles

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Compostable Poop Bags

How to Distinguish Compostable Bags VS Plastic Bags

Ready to take your brand’s sustainability journey to the next level but don’t know how to distinguish compostable poop bags VS plastic poop bags?  As a leading factory specializing in compostable private labeling services for pet brands worldwide, we offer a premium solution for eco-conscious businesses. Below some our tips help you to have a

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dog poop bag manufacture

A Guide to Personalize Your Branded Dog Poop Bags

At I’mDoneWithThisPoop, our commitment to sustainability and innovation drives us to produce top-quality compostable pet poop bags, tailor-made for businesses like pet hygiene brands, pet food companies, and pet care businesses. Whether you’re looking to expand your product line or seeking promotional gifts for your marketing campaigns, we offer extensive customization options to meet your

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