We Promote Responsible Pet Ownership.
Picking after our dogs with compostable bags, we can protect our land and water from dog waste and plastic one scoop at a time!
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Protect our Oceans, Protect our Future.
There are huge differences between single-use PLASTIC bags and single-use COMPOSTABLE bags.
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You Order, We Donate.
We help kids and older folks in rural China reunite with family members who have been away working in a long distance place from home for a long time. We also donate dog food to our local animal shelter.
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Not Your Average Poopbag Supplier.

Superb Products

We are OK home certified. Our compostable poopbags are : Extra thick & leak proof, Safe for the environment, Made from corn starch, Breaks down in 90 days

Extensive Private Labeling Experience

With more than 10 years of OEM, ODM experience, we are capable to meet various kinds of requirements. And we are flexible to provide bags in different thickness, strength, and transparency.

Excellent Customer Service

We ensure you have a single point of contact processing your order from start to finish, who will update you with progress as and when required. This means that you can rely on us to ensure your products are delivered on time.

Down to Earth Social Cause

We give back to the society. We donate a portion of our profits to our local animal shelters annually. And we also raise funds to improve thousands of left-behind elderly and children's life in rural China.

Dog Waste is A Problem, Let's Work Together to Find a Solution!

Brands We Served in the Past.

Pet Life Unlimited

A leading American pet hygiene brand. Currently selling their products in major retailers like Walmart, Target and Meijer.

Big Dog Pet Foods

As a family-owned Australian company, we’ve been making raw, healthy, nutritious pet food since 2000. We're proud to be Australia's leading healthy pet nutrition provider, keeping pets happy and healthy for 23 years.

Collar of Sweden

In 2018, Melina and David sought a stylish collar for their pup but found the options lacking. Frustrated, they founded Collar of Sweden, offering unique accessories worldwide. From collars to name tags, each piece matches a dog's personality with trendy flair.

Animal Biome

AnimalBiome stands as a pioneer in microbiome science for companion animals. Boasting one of the world's most extensive databases of gut health information, the company assists thousands of veterinarians and pet owners monthly in effectively analyzing and addressing gut microbiome dysbiosis in companion animals.

Poly Pet

Polypet is Singapore's #1 Pet Shop. Rooted in the heart of Sunset Way, the pet retailer is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of food and supplies catering to the lifelong needs of various pets, including cats, dogs, and small animals.

Sustainable Pet Fashion Show

Using compostable poopbags to pick after your dog is a life style.


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