Dog Waste Bag Dispenser – Eco-Conscious Pet Waste Solution

Discover the future of eco-conscious pet ownership with our Cardboard Poop Bag Dispenser – the perfect blend of functionality and sustainability.

Key Features:

Eco-Friendly Construction: Embrace a green lifestyle with our recycled cardboard dispenser, a planet-friendly alternative to plastic. Reduce your ecological footprint while managing your pet’s waste responsibly.

Stylish & Durable Design: Elevate your daily walks with a dispenser that not only stands out for its environmental benefits but also boasts a chic and durable design. Walk with pride knowing you’re making a stylish statement for sustainability.

Convenient On-the-Go Size: Perfectly sized for your convenience, our cardboard dispenser effortlessly fits into your pocket or attaches to your leash. Be ready for any cleanup situation, wherever your adventures take you.

Easy Refill System: Refilling your dispenser is a breeze, ensuring you stay prepared for every outing. Our user-friendly design makes changing poop bags quick and hassle-free.

Size: 8 x 4 x 4 cm
Weight: 17.5 g
Print: customizable
MOQ: 2000 pcs

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