What does it mean to pick up after your dog?

The topic of dog owners not picking up after their pets stirs up some strong opinions and interesting stories. Here’s a glimpse into a lively debate from Quora that captures different perspectives:

I had this problem

I put a sign in my yard please pick up after your pet..freindly reminder

I watched as this person read the sign. N still let thier dog use the restroom. N walked off

I then quitely followed them to thier residence

Went back to my house

Got the poop on a shovel

Walked back to thier house n dropped the poop on thier doorstep.

Never had a problem again..i was just returning thier property.

No Victoria, you’re wrong, it’s part of life to be responsible as a pet owner to pick up your dog’s poop.
What makes any person “entitled” to have their pet poop on someone’s property?
In fact, that invites other dogs to poop and pee on the same spot when they smell another dog’s waste.
I hope you’re aware of that. It’s totally rude, lazy, and irresponsible not to pick your dog’s excrement.

Let me repeat what I just said to Joe: I do not leave my dog’s sh!t in your yard or in anyone else’s.

I do pick up the decorations left in my yard by other residents’ pets.

The point being that there are many, many more important things to get exercised about. A dog mound is easy to pick up EVEN IF the dog’s human is not in the habit of retrieving it.

Sounds like what I have had to do twice. The second time I didn’t use a shovel but walked my three dogs on leash and allowed them to potty on the guilty persons lawn while I stood on my front porch and watched the owner drive down my drive and let his dog out on my lawn. It worked both times.

Being a responsible pet owner works in both directions and I solved the problem quickly with no fuss.

It’s part of life for a homeowner. Stop obsessing: you can’t control other people’s behavior.
Get a pooper-scooper at a pet store or from Amazon, pick up the mounds, and drop them in the garbage bin.
Then thank your lucky stars you don’t have anything more important to get mad about.

We have a very nice guy for a neighbor, and we watched him walk his all 3 of us had just piled into the car to leave,
and, backed down drive way, straighten out, pulled past the front of house, to stop sign on the corner,
and watched his dog, drop.. big turds, that were not picked up. I think we all just dhrugged it off,
because we live ion the edge of a national Forrest, Amin an area referred to as deer valley… and fog poop is nothing compared to deer poop.

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