A Guide to Personalize Your Branded Dog Poop Bags

At I’mDoneWithThisPoop, our commitment to sustainability and innovation drives us to produce top-quality compostable pet poop bags, tailor-made for businesses like pet hygiene brands, pet food companies, and pet care businesses. Whether you’re looking to expand your product line or seeking promotional gifts for your marketing campaigns, we offer extensive customization options to meet your specific needs. Here’s how you can personalize your branded dog waste bags:

Choose Your Style:

  • Carrying Handle Bags: Easy to tie, offering convenience for pet owners.
  • Flat Cut Bags: Provides a straightforward design for quick access.
  • Drawstring Bags: Ensures secure closure and easy handling, maintaining safety and cleanliness.

Material Composition:

  • Our bags are crafted from eco-friendly materials, including PLA, PBAT, and non-GMO corn starch. Experience a delightful scent akin to freshly baked toast upon opening, enhancing the user experience.

Thickness Options:

  • Standard thickness ranges from 0.017 to 0.020 mm. We’re equipped to adjust thickness according to your specific requirements, ensuring both durability and functionality.

Color and Printing:

  • Colors: Green is our signature, symbolizing our environmental commitment. A broad spectrum of colors is available to perfectly match your branding.
  • Printing: Tailor with unique designs and creative messages, making the bags functional and appealing to pet lovers.

Packaging Solutions:

  • Opt between flat packs or rolls to suit your distribution needs. Packaging choices include eco-friendly plastic bags, color headcards, and color-printed boxes, all customizable to fortify your brand’s identity.

customized dog poop bags

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Coreless Poop Bags: Yes, we offer coreless options to help eco-conscious brands reduce waste. Note that these require a higher MOQ and a slightly higher price due to lower productivity and increased material waste.
  • Custom Roll Capacity: Absolutely, customization is available from 15 to 20 bags per roll or more, though adding more bags will increase the roll’s diameter.
  • Expiration Date: Our compostable bags degrade quicker than traditional plastic but are designed with a stable formula that provides up to one year of shelf life.
  • Multi-Color Printing: Yes, we offer printing up to two colors to maintain print quality and bag integrity.
  • Cornstarch Quality: We use food-grade, non-GMO cornstarch, ensuring the highest quality for our compostable products.
  • Storage Conditions: For extended shelf life, store the bags in a dry environment as moisture accelerates degradation.
  • Custom Packaging Volume: Whether you need 3, 6, 12, or even 36 rolls per pack, we can accommodate any quantity to align with your marketing strategies.
  • Custom Die Cut Windows: Any shape you desire for the color box windows can be tailored to your specifications.

Ready to create something special? Contact us today to start personalizing your pet poop bags and make a significant impact with your brand!

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