How to Distinguish Compostable Bags VS Plastic Bags

Ready to take your brand’s sustainability journey to the next level but don’t know how to distinguish compostable poop bags VS plastic poop bags?  As a leading factory specializing in compostable private labeling services for pet brands worldwide, we offer a premium solution for eco-conscious businesses. Below some our tips help you to have a deeper understanding of the differences between compostable poop bags and plastic poop bags.

Distinguishing Compostable Bags:

  • Touch: Feel the difference with compostable bags, boasting a silky, soft texture unlike the rigid feel of traditional plastic bags.
  • Smell: Experience the natural aroma of grains with compostable pouches, while plastic bags emit a strong odor or lack any distinct scent.
  • Appearance: Compostable bags feature an opaque, matte finish, setting them apart from the transparent, glossy appearance of plastic bags.
  • Labeling: Easily identify compostable bags by certifications like OK home, DIN,BPI, distinguishing them from plastic bags marked with recycling symbols.

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Proper Storage Tips:

  • Keep compostable bags in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight and excess moisture to maintain their integrity.
  • Avoid exposure to heat sources such as radiators or heaters, which can compromise the quality of the bags.
  • After use, securely store compostable bags in a compost bin with a lid to contain odors and prevent pests.

Elevate your sustainability efforts with our compostable pet waste bags. Visit to learn more and start making a positive impact today!

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